Mediation Services

Peacemakers offers the mediation services of independent neutrals.

Mediation is a means of resolving conflicts and solving problems with the assistance of a neutral independent third party - the mediator - who will encourage and facilitate constructive discussions between parties to a dispute.

We partner you and your lawyers to overcome long-standing disagreements, negotiation deadlocks, and even complicated legal disputes.  

We are internationally accredited mediators with extensive experience in resolving local and international conflicts. From small claims to multi-million quantums, we've seen them all. 

As mediators and mediation advocates, our settlement rate to date is close to 90%. For our clients, this has translated to significant legal cost savings, protection of confidentiality, and comprehensive justice.

Peacemakers mediators are devoted to transforming intractable challenges faced by our clients into new business and life opportunities. Our excellence and success is highlighted by our clients’ improved relationships with stakeholders, reduction of resources diverted to dispute resolution, and personal peace of mind.

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Practice Areas

We specialise in conflicts in the following domains:

Banking & Finance




Private & Higher Education

Healthcare & Medical Malpractice