Peace Talks – Brendan Cheong

In our interview series, entitled “Peace Talks”, we speak to peacemakers with different backgrounds and life stories, and ask them to share their thoughts and reflections. 

This edition of “Peace Talks” features Brendan Cheong from Hougang Secondary School:


Q: How did you feel about the Peacemakers Conference 2017?

I felt that the Peacemakers Conference 2017 was very well organised with a suitable amount of time given to both theory and practical sessions.


Q: What was your favourite part of the Conference?

My favourite part of the Conference are the practical sessions where students get to put their mediation knowledge into practice with real-life scenarios given to us. These sessions are very fulfilling as we get to apply what we have learnt, and they also allow us to gain experience handling different people that may be involved in a situation where mediation is required.


Q: What is an example of you applying what you learned in the Conference in real life?

An example of me applying what I had learnt throughout the 3 days of the Conference would be a conflict that two of my best friends had. Knowing that I was in a difficult position as I could not afford to be bias in any manner, I decided to make use of my new knowledge of mediation to help me in this matter. After going through all the motions, both parties managed to reach a suitable conclusion of apologising to each other and became best friends again ever since.


Q: If you had one piece of advice for incoming participants of the Peacemakers Conference 2018, what would it be?

One piece of advice I would give to incoming participants would be to attend each day with an open mind. Although it might be difficult for us to focus at times, the knowledge taught is really worth the effort to stay awake for.


For more pictures and videos of the Peacemakers Conference 2017, please visit the Peacemakers Facebook Page.

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