Peace Talks - Dawn Lok

In our interview series, entitled “Peace Talks”, we speak to peacemakers with different backgrounds and life stories, and ask them to share their thoughts and reflections. 

This edition of "Peace Talks" features Dawn Lok (centre) from Raffles Girls' School:


Q: How did you feel about the Peacemakers Conference 2017?

Peacemakers Conference was really enriching! Apart from it being a good mix of hands-on and theory, what I liked the most about Peacemaker's Conference 2017 was that whatever was taught was really applicable and useful! I was able to apply the mediation skills when a group seemed to be under a dilemma (I wouldn't call it a conflict but there were differing views!), and that helped to effectively solve the problem! It also taught me to be more observant to what others say and uncover the message (interests) they are trying to bring across, and help them with it if possible! The Conference was truly a gem!


Q: What was your favourite part of the Conference?

I really enjoyed the mediation "trials" we had! Even though it was nerve-wracking and stressful, but it was where I really learnt to make meaning out of what I've learnt in the theory sessions. Being able to get out of my shell and "fight it out" with my peers from other schools was really memorable too!


Q: What is an example of you applying what you learned in the Conference in real life?

As part of my role in my leadership board, I had to oversee a group for them to plan a training session. Midway through the planning, however, they faced some problems with deciding how the session should be structured. I was originally unsure of how I should tackle this situation, but I remembered what was taught in the Conference! So I got them to lay out their opinions, as well as why they hold them. From there, they were able to see how both opinions could complement each other, and in the end, they managed to integrate both ideas!


Q: If you had one piece of advice for incoming participants of the Peacemakers Conference 2018, what would it be?

It would be to truly immerse yourself in the experience, and come with an open heart to learn! Even though it may seem to be a dry and unrelated Conference, trust me it's not! The skills are really transferable, and you're a lucky one to be selected/appointed to join this Conference! :))) So pay attention during the theory sessions, understand the concepts, try your best during the mediation trials, learn from your peers, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! Have fun! XD


For more pictures and videos of the Peacemakers Conference 2017, please visit the Peacemakers Facebook Page.

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