Peace Talks – Denise Tay

Our third segment of “Peace Talks” features our former facilitator, Denise Tay (third from left):

Why did you choose to become a facilitator at the Peacemakers Conference?

I had taken the negotiation module with Joel earlier in the academic year, and when this opportunity came around, I thought it would be interesting to see how the skills could be translated and taught to be secondary school students as well. I mostly took photographs during the conference, so that gave me the birds-eye view of what was happening during the conference.

How was it like being a facilitator at the Conference?

It was eye-opening to see the wide applicability of mediation and how it can benefit any one at all. It was also interesting to see what others thought of mediation, especially through the group presentations. One of the analogies was mediation as a cactus!

How were the students at the Conference?

They did pick up the theories and skills related to mediation very quickly, and this was probably due to their willingness to learn throughout the conference.

What advice would you give to the facilitators of Peacemakers Conference 2017?

Have a fun and enriching time! I learnt a lot about what I knew, but even more about what I didn’t.

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