Peace Talks - Rae Ang

In our interview series, entitled “Peace Talks”, we speak to peacemakers with different backgrounds and life stories, and ask them to share their thoughts and reflections. 

This edition of "Peace Talks" features Rae Ang from Raffles Girls' School:


Q: How was your overall experience at the Peacemakers Conference 2018?

The Peacemakers Conference 2018 was extremely fulfilling and fun! The facilitators were very engaging which allowed the three days to (sadly) pass very quickly. We had many opportunities to hone the skills that we were taught through discussions as well as different scenarios for us to practice these skills in smaller groups.


Q: What was the most unforgettable part of the Conference for you?

For me, the most unforgettable part of the Conference was acting as one of the parties in the competition rounds. Our mediators were trying their best to help both parties to reach an agreement but the opposing party and I absolutely refused to give way to each other. During the competition rounds, when acting as parties, some students "threw tables", some fake-cried, and some parties actually screamed at each other. In the end, it was all in good fun and the competition rounds were really one of the main highlights of my 3 days at the Peacemakers Conference.


Q: What is an example of you applying what you learned in the Conference in real life?

I have definitely applied some of the skills I learned at the Peacemakers Conference at times, especially when faced with conflict. While I never used the skills the more formal and structured way that we were taught, I found myself unknowingly using the key concepts when trying to resolve conflict. The skills I learned taught me how to firstly, remove myself from the situation and remain objective. After that, how to empathise with both parties and help them understand each others’ points of view.


Q: If you could give one piece of advice to the incoming participants of the Peacemakers Conference 2019, what would you tell them?

To the participants of Peacemakers Conference 2019, I would like to encourage you to keep open-minded to all the new skills taught and to have as much fun as you can (maybe flip a table or two!)


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