Peace Talks – Samantha Ha

In our interview series, entitled “Peace Talks”, we speak to peacemakers with different backgrounds and life stories, and ask them to share their thoughts and reflections. 

This edition of “Peace Talks” features Samantha Ha from Kent Ridge Secondary School:


Q: How was your overall experience at the Peacemakers Conference 2018?

To be honest, when my teacher first asked us to go for the Conference, I was very intrigued but at the same time very confused as to what it was about, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Conference. However, as the three days passed, I learned quite a fair bit that has helped expand my knowledge on peaceful solutions, not to mention I also made a couple of new friends. It was an enriching experience, and I’m glad that I was able to attend this Conference. I hope the next batch of attendees will enjoy themselves as much as I did!


Q: What was the most unforgettable part of the Conference for you?

Throughout the Conference, there were many unforgettable moments. However, what really pulled me in was getting to role play as the mediators and then the people who had conflicts with one another during the competition. I found it really useful as I got to put what I learned about tone, posture and choice of words to use. I enjoyed being able to get the feedback from the judges, and improving on them the next round. Aside from that, I also enjoyed going into the different rooms to see how others mediated and see how I could learn from them.


Q: What is an example of you applying what you learned in the Conference in real life?

Although I haven’t had the chance to really put the skills I’ve learnt from the Conference into action, I can say that I’ve become a much more patient and calm person after the Conference as compared to before. Now, when people get frustrated and vent or rant their emotions to me, I feel that I have the tendency to be less annoyed and really more patient and concerned about what they have to say.


Q: If you could give one piece of advice to the incoming participants of the Peacemakers Conference 2019, what would you tell them?

I think it’s really important to come into the Conference with an open mind to learn new skills as well as learn from others. Don’t be afraid to try new things, have lots of fun and at the same time, take away some valuable new lessons!


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