Empowering youth to build a more peaceful world

22 - 24 June 2021

Initiated to empower youth to be the catalysts of change in their communities, the Peacemakers Conference has been held annually in Singapore since 2010.

The Peacemakers Conference is the first of its kind in Singapore, and recognised as the leading peer mediation training workshop in Asia.

The Conference trains youths aged 13-16 on how to resolve conflicts tactfully and effectively, by equipping them with mediation-related skills. Designed by professors from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, the Conference is conducted over 3 days and incorporates a friendly competition component.

The Conference is supported by many of the leading mediation agencies in Singapore, including the Community Mediation Centre, Singapore Mediation Centre, and Singapore International Mediation Institute. For its effective outreach to the youth, it has also been commended by the International Mediation Institute and the Asian Mediation Association.

Student leaders that help resolve disputes, or students who often find themselves involved in conflicts, are invited to be part of this global movement today.

Key Learning Points

Expressing Empathy

Restoring Relationships

Managing Emotions

Active Listening

Positive Reframing

Communicating Constructively

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Creating Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Being Concerned Citizens


Interested in signing your students up for the Peacemakers Conference?

Here are some benefits the students will gain:


Students will learn the basics of effective conflict management via a peer mediation model, with a focus on the school context.


Students will be in charge of leading and managing disputants to resolve conflicts amicably, and will learn to be adaptable and confident in a variety of situations through collaborative role-play.


Students will discover more about their own unique leadership styles and work ethics, and better appreciate differences and diversity, enabling them to work more conducively with others.

What to Expect

✨ Interactive training workshops
✨ Realistic role-play sessions
✨ Personalised feedback from professional mediators
✨ Customised t-shirts
✨ Enriching environment with like-minded peers

... and so much more!


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