Sean Lim

Managing Director

Mr Sean Lim is the Managing Director of Peacemakers.

Internationally accredited and certified as a mediator since 2016, Sean’s mediation practice focuses on commercial disputes. He has successfully mediated numerous commercial cases including employment, insurance, shareholding, investment, and medical disputes, and his clients include private companies, non-governmental organisations, as well as public sector entities. 

Sean is certified with the Singapore International Mediation Institute, and has extensive experience in international commercial mediation from his time with the Singapore International Mediation Centre and as the founding Registrar of Sage Mediation. Sean is also an Associate Mediator with and coach for the Singapore Mediation Centre. Sean was also part of the pioneering team which established a Healthcare and Medical Disputes Mediation Unit for Singapore's Ministry of Health, where he assisted with the resolution of a major disease outbreak in Singapore that resulted in 8 deaths.

Since his student days at the National University of Singapore, Sean has been involved in mediation education among the youth. Sean regularly teaches peer mediation and conflict resolution skills to youth and educators from primary to tertiary levels across Asia. He was part of the founding committee of the International Mediation Singapore, Singapore's first international mediation moot competition organised alongside the signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation. Sean has coached Singapore’s teams for international negotiation and mediation competitions, and regularly serves as a competition judge. He continues to inspire and impact youth through tailored coaching workshops and the annual Peacemakers Conference, imparting peacemaking to the next generation.

Sean’s personal mission to create social change and make a difference in the community also permeates his other ventures and interests. His interest in healthcare and advocacy work started with his family as they battled through a terminal illness diagnosis in 2006. Sean co-founded ReSupp, a wellness brand which combines the best of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and served as its CEO. Sean also serves as a consultant for governmental and private entities on upskilling and training support at the workplace, and his work has impacted thousands of PMETs around the world. 

Outside of the corporate world, Sean enjoys his music and has served as the Worship and Music Director in his church. While he received formal training as an organist, Sean is also a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and can play a range of instruments from the drums to the ukulele.