The People Puzzle

Humans are unique creatures - a powerful combination of genetic gifts and individual life experiences. Sometimes, trying to figure them out can feel complicated.

But it is not impossible.

Join us on the journey towards solving "The People Puzzle" - Obtain the blueprint to achieve greater self-awareness, enhance communication with others, and connect with people more effectively.

"The People Puzzle" will provide a distinct view into what makes people tick, reveal the ways that people prefer to think and behave, and equip you with the skills and techniques to achieve your goals.

The People Puzzle (3)

Solving The People Puzzle


✅ People Puzzle Modules can be taken individually and in no particular order

✅ Sign up for all 4 modules and receive a 15% discount - apply "TPPCOMM" at checkout!

✅ Completion of all four People Puzzle Communication Level 1 modules will qualify you for certification as "People Puzzle Practitioner: Communication Level 1"


Upcoming Sessions

instant connection 2View More
Level 1

The Art of Connecting Instantly

Develop key communication and rapport-building skills, and build instant connections with others through the mastery of your voice and body language.

say it rightView More
Level 1

Say It Right!

Enhance your communication in your business and personal life by shaping your language for different informational styles with skill and precision.

what makes people tick 1View More
Level 1

What Makes People Tick (Part 1)

Unlock the personality preferences for motivation, decision making, and communication, and connect effectively with others by adapting your language and behaviour.

what makes people tick 2View More
Level 1

What Makes People Tick (Part 2)

Unlock the personality preferences that impact your working relationships and behaviours, and master the language and behavioural techniques to enhance your business relationships.

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