Training Services

Peacemakers is focused on delivering conflict management, negotiation, and mediation training courses to organisations, customised for their specific industries and corporate cultures.

We equip your people with the skills necessary for effective and sustainable conflict management, and build your organisation’s communication and dispute resolution capabilities. Our approach combines hands-on training and personal coaching through individualised workshops. 

Peacemakers’ trainers are passionate educators of mediation and negotiation, united in the common pursuit of a more peaceful world. Our trainers have trained all over the world, for both for-profit and non-profit sectors. These include: secondary and tertiary educational institutions; governmental organisations; healthcare institutions; foreign judiciaries; and multi-national corporations.

If you are:

• a large corporation managing a huge pool of human resource; 
• a business that frequently contends with disgruntled customers / clients; or
• an organisation whose leaders require cutting-edge mind-sets, strategies, and skills in negotiation and conflict resolution to build high-performance teams, drive innovation, and create value 

We are ready to help you create value for your tomorrow.

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Our Training Programmes

Guiding you on the path towards developing and attaining self-mastery.

Empowering you to be a better negotiator and mediator in a tumultous world.

The People Puzzle

Professional Mediation Skills

Strategic Negotiation Skills

Healthcare Conflict Management

Peer Mediation

Mediation Coaching

Awards Gallery

Peacemakers is an award-winning training institution.

These are some of our many accolades.