Emotional Intelligence for Today's Workplace

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Course Description

"Emotional Intelligence for Today's Workplace" is a course designed to help you navigate the complexities of interpersonal relationships and change in the workplace. Led by mediator and conflict resolution professional Sean Lim, this course provides an in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and its significance in fostering strong relationships and effectively responding to change.

The course aims to enhance your self-awareness, enabling you to identify triggers that could potentially undermine your performance. It also focuses on aligning your intentions with your impact to facilitate the construction of collaborative relationships. This course is a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their EQ, manage conflict constructively, and build a robust support system at work and in life.

Virtual Course

Online, on Udemy


Sean Lim

Training Level


Course Fee

SGD 24.98 


What You'll Gain

✅  Develop self-awareness by identifying personal emotions, triggers, and behavioural patterns.

✅  Enhance emotional regulation skills to manage reactions effectively in various situations.

✅  Improve empathy and social awareness to understand and navigate interpersonal dynamics.

✅  Strengthen communication skills to convey messages clearly and build rapport.

✅  Master conflict resolution techniques to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

✅  Cultivate adaptability in communication styles to suit diverse contexts and audiences.

✅  Foster resilience and stress management strategies for maintaining emotional balance.

✅  Build leadership qualities grounded in emotional intelligence for effective team collaboration.

✅  Apply emotional intelligence principles to enhance personal and professional relationships.

✅  Create an actionable development plan for ongoing growth in emotional intelligence.


Course Content

✏️  Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

✏️  What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

✏️  Understand Your Personal EQ

✏️  Manage Your Mindset

✏️  Find Your Flow

✏️  Disrupting Thoughts and How They Affect You

✏️  Coping With Stressful Situations Positively

✏️  Shifting Perspectives to Augment Your Behaviour

✏️  Developing Social Awareness

✏️  Looking Beyond Empathy: Connecting with Perspective

✏️  Genuine Listening

✏️  Authentic Adaptability

✏️  Transform Conflict into Opportunities

✏️  Communicate Intention and Impact

✏️  EQ Development Plan


Who Should Attend

✅  This training is essential for all employees in an organisation.

✅  Managers and Leaders: Those in leadership positions who aim to improve team dynamics, communication effectiveness, and conflict resolution skills.

✅  Human Resources Professionals: HR professionals interested in fostering a positive work environment, enhancing employee relations, and supporting professional development.

✅  Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Individuals looking to strengthen client relationships, lead teams effectively, and manage stress and pressure in entrepreneurial endeavors.

✅  Educators and Trainers: Those in education or training roles who want to improve classroom or workshop dynamics, understand student or participant needs better, and support learning environments effectively.

✅  Individual Contributors: Professionals at any level who seek personal growth, improved emotional resilience, and better collaboration skills in their day-to-day interactions.

✅  Career Changers and Job Seekers: Individuals transitioning careers or seeking new job opportunities who want to demonstrate strong emotional intelligence skills in interviews and workplace settings.

✅  Anyone Interested in Personal Development: Individuals committed to continuous self-improvement and interested in understanding and managing their emotions more effectively in both personal and professional contexts.



📚 Trainees should possess a working proficiency of the English language.

📚 No prior professional experience or qualifications are required for this course.


Course Completion

🎓  Trainees must complete all lectures and pass all quizzes to be awarded a Certificate of Completion by Udemy.

🎓  The quizzes consist of practical exercises, making use of illustrative scenarios based on real world situations


Trainer's Profile

Sean Lim
Managing Director at Peacemakers

Internationally accredited and certified as a mediator since 2016, Sean’s mediation practice focuses on commercial disputes. He has successfully mediated numerous commercial cases including employment, insurance, shareholding, investment, and medical disputes, and his clients include private companies, non-governmental organisations, as well as public sector entities.

Sean is certified with the Singapore International Mediation Institute, and has extensive experience in international commercial mediation from his time with the Singapore International Mediation Centre and as the founding Registrar of Sage Mediation. Sean is also an Associate Mediator with and coach for the Singapore Mediation Centre. Sean was also part of the pioneering team which established a Healthcare and Medical Disputes Mediation Unit for Singapore's Ministry of Health, where he assisted with the resolution of a major disease outbreak in Singapore that resulted in 8 deaths.

Since his student days at the National University of Singapore, Sean has been involved in mediation education among the youth. Sean regularly teaches peer mediation and conflict resolution skills to youth and educators from primary to tertiary levels across Asia. He was part of the founding committee of the International Mediation Singapore, Singapore's first international mediation moot competition organised alongside the signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation. Sean has coached Singapore’s teams for international negotiation and mediation competitions, and regularly serves as a competition judge. He continues to inspire and impact youth through tailored coaching workshops and the annual Peacemakers Conference, imparting peacemaking to the next generation.

Sean’s personal mission to create social change and make a difference in the community also permeates his other ventures and interests. His interest in healthcare and advocacy work started with his family as they battled through a terminal illness diagnosis in 2006. Sean founded ReSupp, a wellness brand which combines the best of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and served as its CEO. Sean also serves as a consultant for governmental and private entities on upskilling and training support at the workplace, and his work has impacted thousands of PMETs around the world.

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