Mediation Skills Coaching

Want to learn and obtain feedback from experienced mediators and mediation trainers?

Undergoing a Mediation Skills Assessment soon and you need the extra practice?

Need a platform to practice or try mediation techniques with like-minded peers?

Roleplay Simulation

Mediation Practice

Peacemakers offers you the opportunity to participate in a roleplay simulation under the watchful eye of experienced mediation trainers.

You can either roleplay as the mediator, or make their lives difficult as a disputing party.

You will have:

> Live Simulation

> Personalised Feedback

> Video Recording

Mediation Coaching

Personalised Feedback

Find out what worked well, and what did not work so well. From opening statements, kinds of questions, mediator's decisions to split parties or bring them back together - anything interesting will be highlighted.

Video Review

Don't just take our word for it. Watch yourself during the roleplay simulation and the debriefing. Observe your own body language, your tone of voice, and your reactions for yourself.


We have helped many aspiring mediators over the years.This is what some of them have to say about us.
Currently Offering
Each session consists of a 1 hour-long roleplay simulation, and up to 30 minutes of personalised coaching and feedback.

First Simulation

400.00Per Session

Subsequent Simulations

300.00Per Session

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