Strategic Negotiation Skills Workshop

Peacemakers' Strategic Negotiation Skills training workshop is a skills-based programme designed to equip participants with necessary knowledge and skills participants to be a strategic negotiator, such as: 

✓ Interest-based negotiation
✓ Preparation strategies
✓ Creating and claiming value
✓ Overcoming impasse



Interaction that matters involves people. Anything that involves people will involve difference. When people differ, how they negotiate determines what they achieve. 

Consciously or unconsciously, everyone is already a negotiator. It is therefore crucial to learn how best to navigate negotiations strategically and effectively.

If you want to undergo negotiation training to be a more effective leader, to have a more successful business, to be part of a more peaceful and productive community, and achieve more optimal outcomes - Peacemakers is at your service.


Course Content

Topics include:

• Harvard-based negotiation methodology
• Interest-based negotiation vs position-based negotiation
• Preparing for a negotiation strategically
• Creating and claiming value
• Overcoming impasse
• Understanding and managing perceptions
• Managing emotions and personalities
• Communication


What You Can Expect

Live demonstration of negotiation strategies 
• Focus on process and skills in parallel
• Interactive and engaging role play simulations
• Extensive coaching of participants
• Personalised one-to-one feedback


Who Should Attend

C-suite executives, corporate professionals, managers and executives involved in:

• Managing projects
• Leading and managing personnel
• Navigating interpersonal and intra-organisational relationships
• Resolving disputes within an organisation, or between organisations


Training Schedule

The programme is offered on an "in-company" basis by request only, subject to a minimum group of 12 participants.

Get in Touch

If you or your organisation are interested in learning to manage conflicts strategically, or acquiring mediation skills and expertise, drop Peacemakers a message today.