Success and Harmony as a Working Parent

Work Life Balance as a Parent and a Professional


Course Description

Embark on a transformative journey to master the delicate art of balancing work and parenthood. Led by Tammy, a seasoned professional and mother of three, this course delves into practical strategies for time management, effective communication, and essential self-care.

Join a community of like-minded individuals, whether you're a working parent seeking harmony, a manager supporting your team, an HR professional fostering a family-friendly workplace, or someone contemplating the joys and challenges of parenthood. Gain insights, share experiences, and equip yourself with the tools to not just survive but thrive in the intricate dance of career and family.

Enroll now and discover the secrets to achieving success and harmony in your unique journey of being a working parent. Your fulfilling and balanced life awaits!

Virtual Course

Online, on Udemy


Tammy Chan

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SGD 24.98 


What You'll Gain

✅  Increased Self-Awareness: Participants will develop a deeper understanding of their own challenges and struggles as working parents. Through reflective exercises and questions posed in the course, learners will gain insights into their own expectations, priorities, and areas that may need adjustment.

✅  Effective Time and Household Management Strategies: Learners will acquire practical strategies for managing their time and household more efficiently. This includes redefining expectations, implementing organizational methods, and incorporating realistic approaches to achieve balance in both personal and professional responsibilities.

✅  Enhanced Communication and Assertiveness Skills: The course emphasizes the importance of assertive communication, particularly in the context of asking for support or negotiating needs at work. Participants will learn how to express their requirements effectively, whether it's in terms of flexible work arrangements, delegation of tasks, or seeking assistance at home.

✅  Prioritization of Self-Care: The course underscores the significance of self-care as a fundamental aspect of achieving success and harmony as a working parent. Learners will be encouraged to identify neglected areas in their lives and prioritize self-care without guilt, recognizing its positive impact on overall well-being and productivity.


Course Content

✏️  The Struggle is Real

✏️  Is Balance Possible?

✏️  Redefining Expectations

✏️  Organisation

✏️  Shorten Your To-Do List

✏️  Self-care

✏️  Ask for What You Need At Work

✏️  20 Things You Can Do NOW


Who Should Attend

✅  Working Parents: Professionals juggling careers and parenting responsibilities seeking effective strategies for achieving success and harmony.

✅  Managers and Employers: Leaders aiming to create supportive work environments and policies for working parents, fostering employee well-being and productivity.

✅  Human Resources Professionals: HR specialists interested in implementing family-friendly policies and supporting employees in achieving work-life balance.

✅  Individuals Considering Parenthood: Future parents preparing for the challenges of balancing career and family life, gaining insights into proactive strategies for success.



📚 Trainees should possess a working proficiency of the English language.

📚 No prior professional experience or qualifications are required for this course.

📚 This course is a foundational course, suitable for anyone interested.


Course Completion

🎓  Trainees must complete all lectures and pass all quizzes to be awarded a Certificate of Completion by Udemy.

🎓  The quizzes consist of practical exercises, making use of illustrative scenarios based on real world situations

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